Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Forgive me father, for I am consumed by sin
I am sorry I nearly jumped into bed with those cute triplets when we were drunk off a bottle of gin
I had licked my lips at the outcome; laying back after coitus bliss with a couple of rubbers in a bin
But father, looking back, I know it was nothing but temptation, temptation, temptation; nothing but sin
Forgive me for lying to the svelte girl by name of NA
The reader is probably thinking I’ve spelt Naa wrongly, but no, I stress on NA
It’s true I didn’t cheat on her; that, in my head, I pushed it to the rear
But you know I never had the Learjet, or that yellow Ferrari and the ten bedroom mansion I brazenly drummed into her ear
Oh father, it was a lie birth out of love; one that generated from fear of loosing someone dear
I apologize for letting my lies smear her pretty face with tears
I am so sorry my stubborn nature causes my mother so much pain
I pray by Your power, You’ll wipe away the slightest trace of rain
I’m sorry for the advice I gave Kwasi, when Akosua wanted something serious, and he just wanted to play
I’m sorry for giving him that lame advice; that to get free off her, he should tell her he’s turned gay
I’m sorry for blocking my ears to the call of that old man I love dearly
Although he’s troublesome with his advice, I know his words are spoken sincerely
I’m sorry for not remembering all the other sins I’ve committed, currently
I pray they will be forgiven, so I’ll look away from them fervently
Now, Father, since by faith I know my sins are forgiven
I’ll like to say a prayer for the one reading this note and my other brethren
Because I don’t want to go to heaven alone
I’d very much like for all of us to sing with the angels near your throne
Now, you! Yes you! Why did you tell that cute boy you are single?
When only four gates down the lane, the one who makes your heart levitates made you giggle
And my male brethren, don’t laugh and say mmmhhhmmm
Why do you keep checking on other women’s butts, even when you’re walking with your boo under the moon
Especially when she has a nice, big one too
Father, forgive the brothers and sisters who drink and sleep gossip, but read the Bible
The same folk who go to church every Sunday and claim they are Christians like it’s a title
Father, forgive the husbands who’ve committed adultery with over hundred different women
Those who want to surpass David; those whose cells the roots of lust are intricately woven
Father, forgive that man with big, frog-like eyes who flashed that charming smile at me in front of the brown gate and made me believe in him
To the extent that I told him everything, not knowing his specialty was killing dreams
But I’m grateful I have you Father, thank You for setting me free off him
And that big-mouthed woman too; the one who told on me
When I confided in her and let her in on my secrets without a toll or fee
Oh, Father, please forgive that fat woman who has the ability to be a Samaritan; to help me cross the flooded gutter
But she shakes her head repeatedly, and says, “no, no, no… Homie, you don’t matter.”
Father, I know the list is getting long
But I know that young, beautiful woman who has shown several married men her worn out thong
Eeehhh, his wife can’t spend all his money alone seems to be her song
Oh God, and then there are the boys who pursue girls solely for their luscious booty
And girls who stalk sugar Daddy’s and spread at the snap of a finger for money
Throwing to the wind their precious dignity
Oh, I nearly forgot the Kojo Besia’s, strutting the streets searching for a different hole, Oh my God, my heart breaks at the iniquity
I understand it’s a stinking world, but Father, we are Your children, so please forgive with ease
Please forgive the hypocrites (especially the foreign commentators) who doubted the Black Stars
But now, they’ve joined the band wagon, singing they will go far
And Father, although for the sake of creativity
Most of the above writings are exaggerated greatly
Some, even to the level of absurdity
Father, I bow my head and cross my self, praying You’ll wash away all our tiniest iniquities
And make us born again in total tranquility.

Copyright © David Kwakye 2010

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