Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sugar Daddy

Otoolodu's pot belly with numerous folds, struggles to stay comfortable beneath the steering wheel
His loins are siezed with unquenchable lust, his brain, ever so active, imagining how loud she'll squeal
Brutish fantacies, yes, but one he looks forward to with zeal
The silence of the behemot star littered sky is disturbed by the eerie hoot of an owl on a quest for a meal
Akosua is pregnant at home, taking care of their two year old, bored and yearning for what was once real
A time when they complimented each other like tires and wheels
When the mere mention of her name caused his body to react as if it was being attacked by a shoal of electric eels
In his mind, the past is folded like a peice of worthless carpet, and masterfully, he conceals
The true fact of what molded him into the colossus he is today
Conscience should prick, but it's inactive, battered and shattered, incapable of replay
The tides turn, an exchange of opposite fortunes - a life of strife, for a life of grace
A farce, tasteless mockery of the good hearted, because now, all he does is spit in her face
There's no such thing as love what so ever, it's gone, left without a trace
Psychological warfare, Akosua disadvantaged and weakened, because her heart brims with love
Coupled with mother's advice; everything below, only him above
Parrallel bank accounts going in divergent directions; hers, once always in credit
Now, she starves, perpetually stuck in the zone of debit
Otoolodu pulls over at Maame Yaa's house and douses his Audi's light
His brows furrow, and his pulse races at the sight
Of entangled silohettes moving eroctically in the dark, and he readies himself for a fight
Not only money is invested, but a huge chunk of his heart, because the sensations Maame yaa sends through his veins makes him feel like a soaring kite
His limbs are taken over, totally consumed by tremulous vibes
He walks closer, past the lawn mower, fears are confirmed, with moans of those currently of the estatic tribes
Sillohettes transform to known figures, as his eyes gets acclimatized to the dark
Only last week, half his savings was blown on a diamond chain, so he could see her delicate neck lit up in the car park
Chaotic thoughts run through his head, they didn't even have the decency to do it in bed
He stops suddenly, as stroke inducing surprise is thrown into the spinning cauldron
The tightened and frequently contorting face behind Maame Yaa isn't vaguely familiar, it's well known, and his heart breaks into a marathon
He walks closer and clears his throat but he's unheard, as erotic pleasures blocks the ear
He grits his teeth, it's his brother, Kofi, in his favorite position, busy humping from the rear
A desperate cry, one of the breed of anguish and excruciating pain, escapes from him, as he throws his hands up in despair
Nonchalantly, and completely in annoyance, four ecstacy filled eye balls turn to his direction
Maame Yaa tries to pull free, but Kofi holds on tight, he still has an erection
Otoolodu asks why, Kofi ignores him and continues to work brazenly, complete with vim
Maame yaa smiles and drops the lethal bombshell; "I have AIDS, why do you think I've become so slim?"
Kofi's body stiffens, but not in culmination of his sexual exertions
He's unprotected, and this isn't the first time, his heart's veins snap, forever robbing him of a time for reflections
Otoolodu's head becomes dizzy, he's been frequently falling ill lately
But he'd kept telling him self it's nothing, just take it easy
He bury's his face and weeps, as he thinks of his actions that boarders on silly
He feels naked and alone, conscience springs to life, with heart burning thoughts of Akosua, furiously spinning in his mind
Slowly, tears cloud his pupils, making his vision blurry
He looks in the the moon illuminated sky and whispers, "God, please spare my lovely lady and my innocent baby."
A grim tale that patiently awaits a cheating husband and a sugar daddy.

Copyright © David Kwakye 2010

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