Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sweeping debris left behind by the whirlwind
I see memorabilia that blares in the heart's ear like a fierce ring
My eyes well with tears
I'm at the cross roads of my fears
In a brief instant, time is meaningless, rolling back the years
With a heavy heart, I need to shift through the gloomy gears
Because all I have of the past is mere debris
Empty secretes, and the vile remnants the bleeding heart secretes
A new era dawns
Cant tell kings from pawns
Yes, a complex game of chess
But one I have to embrace with zest
The orient of the east just blessed earth with it's rays
I smile, looking forward to better days
The whirlwind is lost in the pit-less abyss of time's mist
The debris isn't forgotten
Just less significant, locked away in a frozen fist
A safe place that keeps it from being rotten.

Copyright © David Kwakye 2010


  1. Congrtas and welcome to bloggersville. I see you are getting the hang of it, put up profile pix soon ayt, it draw people in.

    I have soo.. much to read lol

  2. Merci! I'll put up a profile pic soon. Thanks sooooooo much for your help.